Top 5: Anime Characters

I know I already have a Top 5: Anime Girls section, but that’s really kind of old and outdated. Plus it kind of includes girls that are from really popular series and girls that are fawned over by many a person. In this new list, it will also include and represent the male population, (except I only have one male character). This list could also change as new characters are churned out by the season. This review unlike others will contain spoilers due to the nature of the topics.

Honourable Mention: Aoyama, Nanami


Nanami is a character from Sakurasou and she is one of the better characters in the show. She has a cute quirky Japanese accent when she gets frustrated and she is a hard worker. She wants to achieve things on her own which creates this unique personality of her. The way she acts when she talks to Sorata is very cute and I like the way she responds to it. It’s really disappointing to see her get rejected but at the same time she was never an opponent for Shina. She’s pretty, funny, hardworking and an independent individual and you are going to notice a trend with my favourite characters because they are generally all like that.

Number 5: Linda (Nana)


Linda is a character from Goldentime and possibly the only redeeming factor of the whole anime. Despite the ending of the anime being the most disappointing ending, you can’t help but fall in love with Linda. She is the reason we all watched Goldentime in the first place. To be honest, I think I liked the high-school version of Linda the best (but don’t we all). She’s the best friend girl-type that will always be the only the best friend. Due to the nature of how timings worked out in Banri’s life, he couldn’t date Linda and honestly she was definitely the best choice. She was a down-to-earth girl who was pretty, smart, not high-maintenance and she was independent as well. I’m still pretty upset that Banri didn’t choose Linda because they had such amazing scenes together but, it makes for a good number 5 on my list.

Number 4: Ayuzawa, Misaki


Misaki is the main character from Kaichou wa Maid-Sama. It helps that the whole anime is focused on her for the whole time so that we can view Misaki’s personality in a large extent. She is the same kind of girl as Aoyama, a tackle on everything girl who can do everything by herself. She has a black-belt, and she can take on any unwanted guy. You don’t want to be on the bad side of Misaki. She again is very independent, but the best parts about her is when she wants to be dependent. It takes a very special person for Misaki to be dependent on him and I guess Usui would fit that description very well. Their relationship goes above and beyond the word cute, and I have to say that if it weren’t for Usui that Misaki would be a fairly one-directional character. Misaki is stunning in a maid, she is head-strong, street-strong, an independent hrd worker and has a funny personality.

Number 3: Miyazono, Kaori


Kaori from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. I think one of the main characters from an amazing anime such as Shigatsu deserves a spot in my top 5 anime characters for sure. Kaori is the definition of colour for our heroine Arima. She is energetic, lovely, and spontaneous. The way she talks about music and how it affects us is correct in so many ways. If you are a musician, the way that Kaori talks about making music is the way we should all exemplify when we play whatever we are. “What’s your image”. What is the image that you want to project to people when you play music. Speak, sing, through your music and you will go places. For Kaori she does this at every appearance on the stage because she knows that life is too short to not express what you want. She always wants to take every opportunity for everyone to hear her performances and she doesn’t waste any expression in her music. She is always positive and always cheerful, Never a dull-moment when you are near Kaori Miyazono. *I hope she doesn’t die*

Number 2: Mashima, Taichi


Taichi from Chihayafuru. Where do I start with this character. I am going to go into manga spoilers in this review of taichi so please don’t read it if you don’t want to be spoiled. He is the only male character on this list and he is well deserved of this spot. I think I aspire to have most of the personality traits that Taichi has. For one thing, this guy has it all but really has nothing he wants. He has the looks, he’s very good at sports, he is the top of the class but he cannot obtain Chihaya’s love and he cannot beat Arata at Karuta. He exerts all of his time and all of his energy at both of these goals. He wants to beat Arata at something in his life. Whether it be winning at Karuta or winning over Chihaya, at the very least one of these two factors will come true. The fact of the matter is, Taichi has tried everything in his power for the past two years or so to obtain one of these goals. We also know that Taichi has had the most character development in the manga for any character including Chihaya herself. Taichi is the most dynamic character and what he does is what drives this manga. Now recently he has been rejected by Chihaya and says “I am not made out of stone”, steals a kiss, and runs off and quits Karuta. Well wait a second, does this mean that Taichi has completely lost out on his goals for the past 2 years of his life?! Maybe, but I see this as a turning point in the manga. These two goals have always unattainable in Taichi’s eyes. He can’t beat Arata no matter how hard he tries. He came to the point where he got desperate and confessed with his last chance on his Birthday. He gets rejected, but now all Chihaya sees is how much pain she brought Taichi. How she ignored him for years even though he was always right beside him. And now, even Chihaya has quit the karuta club and maybe, just maybe, we will see a turning point and success for Taichi in at least one of the aspects. Getting Chihaya, or beating Arata in becoming meijin. For me, I think the manga is going in the direction where he will win Chihaya and lose to Arata in the meijin fight because really, all Arata cares about is becoming the Meijin. He does care for Chihaya but would he be the best fit for Chihaya? I think not. Do you think the author would write so much about Taichi just so he could lose in his life objectives? I think not. This manga still has about another year or two left of material before we really find out what happens and hopefully by that time I will have accomplished learning Japanese so that I can read the chapters faster than they are translated.

Number 1: Kirisaki, Chitoge


Chitoge is from the very popular shounen Nisekoi. I thought long and hard about who should sit on top, if it was going to be Taichi or if it was going to be Chitoge. I really ended up choosing Chitoge because she is a female who represents a lot of the female type characters that I enjoy watching in anime. This would be of course the lovely Tsundere model. I love tsundere’s, from Kirisaki, Kirino, Asuna, Misaki all of these girls are so perfectly created to fit in this false stereotype. I don’t actually think girls act like a tsundere which makes it really extra special towards this genre. It is amazing how cute a girl is when she is madly in love, doesn’t realize it, and gets angry at the boy. For Chitoge herself, I love how amazingly pretty she is drawn and honestly love the way that she acts around Raku. I really don’t like Raku, but besides that, I think that Chitoge really defines the reason why Nisekoi works with the false relationship. It just wouldn’t work without a Tsundere lead. It would just be so weird to watch this anime interaction with anything else. Of course the manga has gone off to be nothing but a School-time harem shit show (pardon my french) but it really isn’t good right now. There is a lot of good material in the manga but recently it has not been. I hope the second season will pick and draw out the main plot of the story rather than all these filler arcs we’re getting from the artist.

Top 5 Fall Anime 2014

With the end of the fall anime I know some of you want to know what is good to watch! I can tell you for certain that this season was sprinkled with so many delightful series that it will be hard to just narrow it down to 5. But without further ado lets get started with my one honourable mention.

Honourable Mention: Shirobakoshirobako

 Shirobako is the fall-winter series that PA-works has decided to work on. It’s anime about making anime’s. It is an original anime with no previous adaptations from manga or visual novels. Surprisingly redeeming from the work that they did in the summer (Glasslip). This work in contrast is just really interesting to watch. From drawing, to voice actors, to episode directors we follow the life of five girls (however only really one) in the anime industry and the struggles that come with it. It’s not really an intense show and its a good one to watch when you are feeling laid back and not really a lot of excitement.

Genres: Anime-making, Slice of Life, P.A.Works

Number 5: 月物語 (Tsukimonogatari)


Tsukimonogatari (The moon story) is another addition of SHAFT’s monogatari series that aired in full on Dec 31 (RIGGGGHT on the end of the fall season). If you like the monogatari-series this is a no-brainer choice for you as it will dive again right back in the world of araragi-senpai. This story I believe takes place before Hanamonogatari which was released in the summer. In particular I thought this was a very average monogatari story but for fans I’m sure the story was amazing. Personally I miss watching senjougahara but due to the nature of the Monogatari series I wasn’t expecting to see her a lot anyways. Without dealing out too many spoilers this arc deals a lot about Araragi and Yotsugi. The main reason why I watched tsukimonogatari is because of how I am such fanboy for Claris. Their new single border was the ED song for this anime and it was amazing.

Genre: Mystery, SHAFT, Drama

Number 4: Amagi Brilliant Park


Amagi Brilliant Park or Amiburi is the KyoAni work of the season and it is a very good one. It is a 13 – episode spread that really feels like a 12 episode spread and an OVA. This work is basically about our main character Kanie trying to save the horrendously built park that we know as Amagi. This show is related to basically every kind of work that Kyoto Animations does. Free!, Tamako Market, K-on, It really has that kind of slice of life feel. The art is the same typical Kyoto Animations art and the main character looks like he was taken straight out of  Free! and Hyouka. This is solid choice to pick up if you are searching for a good comical slice of life.

Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, KyoAni

Number 3: Parasyte the Maxim


Parasyte or 規制樹 is a work done by Madhouse. Similar to Tokyo Ghoul, the MC shares a symbiotic relationship with an organism that we call parasytes. Now, the show itself has a lot of action, a lot of drama and it’s filled with mystery as to what the objective of the parasytes are. The biggest objective is that the Parasytes want to take over humans bodies. Our MC, Izumi is a lucky person, since his parasyte failed the objective and could only take over his hand. Nicknamed Migi(“Right” in English) the two of them work together in our story and tackle on all sorts of problems caused by the Parasytes. The story itself is very interesting and has kept me wanting the next episode for weeks. If you haven’t already started watching this show, it is a very easy pick-up.

Genre: Action, Mystery, Madhouse

Number 2: Psycho-Pass 2


The sequel to Psychopass created by Production I.G. Now if you’ve seen the first Psycho-pass perhaps you should think about picking up the second. There are a couple things that people did not like about the show, one, is that it had nothing to do with our previous heroine Kougami, and two, The conclusion to the series was a little awkward for some people. I personally thought this show was amazing. The amount of tension and drama that occurred in the show was enough to draw me into it. There is a couple years space in between the first and the second season so you might be surprised at a couple of the changes made between the characters. For one, our MC Akane Tsunemori, has a more cold-hearted, confident, unwavering heart. I feel her head is stronger and her heart more secured in this season compared to the last, and a lot of that has to do with the experience she has gained in the field. If you don’t think watching the second season will ruin your conception of Psycho-Pass I would definitely give it a go because it has a wonderful story.

Genre: Action, Mystery, Drama, I.G. Productions

Number 1: 四月は君の嘘 (Your Lie in April)


Shigatsu ha kimi no uso or Your lie in April is the creation of A-1 Pictures. This music and dramatic slice of life will blow you away and you must pick this anime up. This anime is filled with dramatic moments, romance, and tonnes of classical music. You are going to instantly fall in love the characters. Arima Kousei our male protagonist is a piano player who’s life is colourless, monotone, and greyscaled. On a fateful day in April he meets the girl who fills his world with colour. Our female protagonist, Kaori Miyazono, a violin player who plays her music with emotion and life. The two of them enter competitions and tackle on life struggles. This anime sits at my number one for the season… This has the potential to sit at the number one spot of my whole anime list. There is so much drama, so much emotion in this anime that you will not be able to stop watching it. You don’t need to know classical music but it would be a plus if you like it. If you are looking for a heart-wrencher, Look no more because I think this might even top Clannad After Story(King of sadness).

Genre: Drama, Music, Romance, A-1 Pictures

Sword Art Online 09


Oh my goodness my SAO nerd senses are tingling because this episode was so sick. So epic, I don’t even know the words to describe my emotions while watching this show. The animations done by A-1 are perfect and fluid as Kirito moves and dances with his sword. The crazyness that is SAO has appeared and I am loving it. There is a lot of suspense, a lot of action but there is also a lot of downtime when they are just literally talking. I don’t mind that they are taking their time with the series and I really don’t mind the talking an explanations. I think some of it is really good and some of it not so good, but put the not so good parts aside and we get a lot of really good quality content.

Shinon, She is clearly falling in love with our hero kirito. How do I feel about one more person being drawn into the harem? Not bad at all, I mean cmon, were talking about kirito here. He’s the James Bond of SAO. I don’t have a problem with this and to be honest, fans shouldn’t have a problem either. There are people out there who believe Kirito is apart of his own harem…. Grow up… you nerds who really think Kirito likes himself are just disgusting. Trolls will be Trolls. I don’t know why the trolls watch an anime they “don’t like”. Just don’t watch it. Simple. That’s all I have to say about that.

So typical of SAO to leave us off with a nice cliffhanger. Sometimes I wish that I didn’t watch this while it was airing so I can just watch it all in one go. Shinon NOOOOO!

Tokyo Ghoul 08


Human or Ghoul, which one deserves life, which one deserves death. When I first started watching this series I had no idea what to expect. I saw a bunch of graphic scenes and instantly fell in love with the series. It had quick paced action, really beautiful scenes, and also had a fairly decent and original plot. I enjoy how the author of this story really makes ussee the human side of the ghouls. Throwing in the idea that ghoul’s should be treated equally and that they deserve to live. I feel like that’s what makes this anime enjoyable and unique, is that it’s unique take on how the ghouls just want to live peacefully. (at least the good ones do)

This episode revolved around the revenge of Hina’s Parents and also revenge of the inspectors friends. There was a lot of juxtaposing this episode. On one hand we have Touka, who murdered the inspectors and then we have the mad scientist who murdered Hina’s parents. Touka wants revenge for Hina, and the inspector’s friend wants revenge for the death of his friends.

I really like the way they set-up the episode. They use the classic war dilema. “You killed my friend so I kill yours” That’s the infinite loop of fighting, it will just go on until there is no one left. That’s where the half ghoul half human aspect of the anime comes in play. Now to be honest, I don’t really like kaneki, but I really like Rize. I like his ghoul half a lot more than his human half. I don’t know why, but the way the Kana Hanazawa voice acts Rize just makes me crazy about her. She is so good at voice acitng it’s incredible. Her voice sends chills down my spine and seriously did an amazing job.

If you havent seen this show yet, I have to say it is a very good show. This summer is just ripe with good anime

Glasslip 08



As I said earlier in the midsummer blues post, I believe Glasslip IS the most underrated anime of the season. There is no reason why it should be getting sub-7 on MAL and there is no reason why people who enjoyed PA-works should dislike this one. After recently completing PA-works first anime, True tears, I have come to see that this anime is also styled more like true tears rather than Nagi no Asukara. Nagi no Asukara had more of a plot and direction to fuel the need and desire to watch. This is really more like True tears in a sense because it is less about the plot and more about the drama. If you are just watching for a good original story-line I don’t think this one is going to appeal to your inner liking, however Glasslip has a really nice charm that other anime don’t. This time around the focus is more on the small symbolism that they brought in, the “future” aspect of the anime.

I don’t actually believe what they are seeing are future fragments. In the past two episodes they start calling them future fragments, but are they really future fragments? I mean sure, there was the one time where Touko saw Sachi in the hospital bed, but other than that, I haven’t really seen any of the other fragments come true. If that were the case, then I really hope Okikura really does fall to his demise >=). That being said, I feel that there is a lot of missed symbolism that I did not start looking for until after watching True Tears. I feel like “Running” has a lot of symbolism. Glass. Maybe a couple other things I missed as well, but the point being, is that these symbols that we are seeing within the anime, don’t resolve themselves until the final episode.

The Snow in this episode HAS to have some sort of symbolism. There is no way that they would call this episode “yuki”(雪)and not have something about snow. The latest fragment was pretty trippy, so I don’t really have much to say about it. What I do have to say is that I really enjoy this series and if you can get past basically that this doesn’t have a straight plot like Nagi, then you will enjoy this a lot more than the average viewer. Try watching it for the symbolism, the drama, and of course just because it is PA works

Feel free to bash my thoughts below!


True Tears Review

True Tears

This review will contain spoilers, read at your own discretion


When my friend approached me and recommended me this anime I knew I had to watch it right away. He said that it was PA works’ first anime that they ever created and it was one of the best. If you are unfamiliar with PA works, they produced Glasslip and Nagi no Asukara. Since I really enjoy both works I really wanted to check this one out. It really did not disappoint and it started off with the typical love triangle that PA works loves to do. There was also the “original chicken girl”. (PA works must love their chickens) In anycase, I just finished watching the whole anime and my friend wanted me to note down all the symbolism that I saw during my time watching. He currently is on vacation so I haven’t had a chance to talk to him about it, but maybe I will edit in his response later.

The meaning of True Tears, the title of the anime. “Tears occur when your heart wavers”. That was probably one of the most significant lines of the anime that occurred in the last episode. The whole anime was based on a lot of themes. To point out a couple we have the sky/drawings, flying, chickens, and last but not least we have tears. The first three are re-occurring themes that are interconnected with one another. The sky, the ultimate dream that we want to achieve and the drawings were a play out of those dreams. Flying, the event that takes place once we be true to ourselves and be able to let go of our emotions. The chickens, were a representation of two characters. Raigomaru was Shinichiro, and Jibeta was Isurugi Noe. The final symbol we have were the tears, the representation of how our heart wavers for each other. If you notice when and where these characters cry you can see where their feelings lie in this anime.

How does this all connect? From the very beginning we have Shinichiro drawing even before he met Isurugi Noe. “You would have drawn even without me”- Noe. What exactly did he draw? It is implied that he was drawing the tears of Hiromi. His goal from the start was to create those wavering tears, to be able to move Hiromi. Next, we have the whole interaction of Jibeta and Raigomaru. Raigomaru had struggles flying (in the story book). Shinichiro also had trouble revealing his true feelings towards Hiromi, so what is the catalyst? In the story book, we have Jibeta be a great friend towards Raigomaru, he encouraged Raigomaru to take flight, but in the end fell short of his own death by trying to fly himself. This juxtaposes basically what happens in the anime. Isurugi encourages Shinichiro to fly, to realize his true feelings, and he realizes that he’s actually not in love with Isurugi, which lead to the death of my ship. (My ship sank REAL HARD) So even though they were dating, Shinichiro broke up with Noe to be with Hiromi who also revealed her true feelings.

I was honestly pretty thrown off by the ending, I really thought that Noe and Shinichiro would end up together, that he would make her cry through joy instead of pain. But now that I see the way the author wrote this, I can see where the beauty in the anime comes from. However, I am still quite upset. My ship sank, although I do like Hiromi, she kinda crashed my world a little. It does make sense though why this ship works better than mine, but I feel like the author could have swung it either way at the end. But in the end, Shinichiro rememberd why he did everything, he did it all for Hiromi, he did it to see “those eyes”.

At the end he said, he could draw because of Noe. I believe Noe was the catalyst for Hiromi and Shinichiro. At the end he cries when telling Noe that he loves Hiromi because it was painful for him to tell her that.

All that said and done, I still don’t know the significance of “the snow falling”

This is of course my own view of the symbolism, if you think I missed something or would like to argue about it, feel free to leave a comment



Ao Haru Ride 07


Relationships are hard, this is the most common theme within all shoujo’s and romances. What makes a true friend verses a real friend? This is what we see with Futaba and Yuuri. In fact, it’s really the common theme between the whole anime so far. Futaba is a girl who really puts up a front of emotions and likes to hide her true feelings. I guess it’s really her personality, she wants to come out with what she really feels but she is scared to know what her friends think. On one hand if she comes out with the truth, she might lose her friendship, but on the otherhand if she hides her feelings she hurts her friendship even more. Let me say this, if she really was friends with Yuuri, she would come out with the truth. Is your friendship so weak that you lose a friend because of a single guy? It’s kind of the same thing as Sakurasou’s theme where the NEET says this “Is our friendship so weak that the only bond is us living in the same building?” It’s kind of the same idea. Kind of the same theme, but I hope that Futaba-chan realizes this soon. I really don’t want this to be a sad ending and I want the relationships to stick. PLEASE ANIME TEACH US THE GOOD THEMES

Whenever I watch Shoujo’s like this, I think wow, being a girl must be tough sometimes. The choices that girls have to make and what influences them really makes you think how hard it is to stay true to yourself. Well, if there is any piece of advice you can take away from this, is stay true to yourself. Be who you are and don’t let others out you down and say otherwise. Everyone has different tastes and different likes, that means you shouldn’t have to hide yourself because you’re different. At the same time, don’t judge others based on their tastes and likes as well!

For Futaba-chan and Yuuri-chan staying true to themselves is difficult to do, but I really hope they can solve this struggle and drama!

Happy Anime Watching Cyanimers