Daily Lives of HS Boys 07 [sage]


Episode 7

Yes for Daily lives of Highschool Boys
This anime is strangely different from all the anime I’ve ever seen. It is a combination of short little hilarious clips that drag you into the story.  Although I am only halfway through, I can tell you if you like comedy and pointless things this anime is for you.

TBH, I dont really like this anime that much, mostly because there is no character development at all. In fact I don’t really remember the peoples names. So I can’t really type much about each episode for this anime. I just like to kick back and relax with this anime. So I hope you enjoy it

Best part in the whole episode has definitely going to be the wind girl. BEST!

Episode Rating – +/- 0
Overall Rating 7/10

Yes the ratings are a little low. But really its supposed to be comedic. So sound story and art aren’t really a huge factor in this anime but the enjoyment is supposed to take you home.

If you wonder how I rate episodes shoot me an email, leave me a comment, I will definitely explain. TBH I’m still tinkering with the website so hopefully I can figure it out soon

Episode can be found at this link




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