Fresh Start こんばんは Konbanwa Good Evening


Yuuki Asuna – SAO / 有機アスナ 

Hello and Good evening to you. Since this a first post I would like to introduce you guys to this blog. I am currently dedicating this blog to posting updates on anime that I am currently watching. I will be commenting on the episodes as well as giving some insightful ratings on the series and episode itself. I cannot wait to post to this blog and it will be an exciting roller-coaster. For now I am still tinkering with how the site will look and how things will be organized. Here is the list of anime I am following this season in no particular order

Diamond no Ace
Golden Time
Kill la Kill
Magi 2
Monogatari Second Season
Kyoukai no Kanata
Log Horizon
OutBreak Company
Strike the Blood

Here’s hoping you follow my blog and keep up to date on the latest anime

– CYanime



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