White Album 2 01 [UTW]


I have heard from UTW that you do not need to watch White Album in order to watch this second series. I have not seen the first series and have dove into this series blindly. So far so good. The episode starts off slowly by introducing us to the characters. I am assuming that if you have watched White album that you will already know the main character. We get introduced to a new character named Ogiso.

Aside from that, I love music anime’s and they are one of my favourite dramas, and so far the music in this is promising. The romance aspect looks good too, so very interested to see where this takes off. All in all, a very interesting start to the anime.

Episode Link: http://utw.me/2013/10/06/white-album-2-01/
Episode Rating +/- 0
Overall Rating 7/10

– CYanime


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