Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 05


I just love it when you learn something about morals and ethics when it comes to watching anime. Not everything is just about excitement and thrills and chills, even though this anime still has some components of that.

This episode we dive into more of what has happened to tokyo. Tokyo tower has fallen and the kids are scared, in fact everyone is scared.

We meet an old man he helps people out, gives out water, and cares for people. The first thing that comes to my mind is that he is very selfless, because he himself is at an old age, he shouldn’t be walking around, he’s probably straining his back. Later on in the episode we learned that his grandkids were lost in the earthquake. This definitely hit home for me. If I lost someone important, I don’t know what I would do. He just continued to share his good will with everyone affected with the earthquake and still kept going. Strong Will, Strong Mind.

I guess what I’m trying to say (but missing the point)  is that life is short. That old man wanted to swap his life for his kids, very typical and cliche for anything but it rings true for a lot of people. Life is short, do what you can with what you’re given. I feel that the man who was helping other people was trying to give out the rest of what he had left of his life. He wanted help people with what life he had left.

Episode Link:
Episode Rating +1
Overall Rating 8/10



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