Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 06


We find ourselves at the workplace of Mari and here we find out that her daughter could be in danger of a fire back at home. Once she hears this she just instantly breaks down. The strong and courageous Mari is no longer someone who can keep going. She thinks the worst of her daughter and worries for her constantly. The two kids however don’t give up and try to get Mari a bike to get back faster. Of course, this fails because Mari can’t bear to leave the two kids alone.

I’m starting to like this series more and more as the episodes go on, I just wish it wasn’t so much walking, I really dislike anime’s’ that have too much walking in it. ie, shinsekai yori… tooo much walking. I don’t find those types of anime to be very interesting if nothing happens during the episodes.

Episode Link:
Episode Rating +/- 0
Overall Rating 8/10


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