Golden Time 01 + 02 [HorribleSubs]


Golden Time first caught my eye when I saw that J.C.Staff was producing it. I love J.C.Staff, they made a lot of good things. So I went into this anime with seemingly high expectations.

The main character is frosh for a law school. He doesn’t really have any friends and he doesn’t really know anyone, needless to say we bump into our first friend and character who just happened to be doing the same thing as him. (stalking). Well, we get into the story pretty fast, thats when we meet the golden mistress. She is all obsessed with yana-san and basically has had plans to marry him. This is pretty much the setting that we get from the first episode.

The second episode we find out that kaga-chan, the beautiful, seemingly rich and popular girl is not so popular. In-fact she seems almost avoided by everyone. This lonely life is really quite sad to see but is the catch of the episode. We also see some romantic interest between our Tada Banri and Kaga Kouko. The classic, “I think I like this girl but she is obsessed with my best friend”. I think that has to be one of the most cliche storylines in romances, however it’s not really drawn out yet. Still lots to see in this anime and I am hoping to see some good developments.

Episode Link:
Episode 1 Rating: 7/10
Episode 2 Rating: +/- 0
Overall Rating 7/10



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