GoldenTime 03 [HorribleSubs]



I really enjoyed this episode, I mean it was literally talking for half the episode, but it was a very revealing episode. We got to see a bit of peoples past and a lot of character in this episode. MAN I GOT TRICKED. apparently she was just putting on an act to feel lonely to get to Yana-san’s heart. ouch. So, in this episode these two have a heart to heart conversation. I don’t want to say too much without spoiling the episode but it was nice to see where they were coming from.

And that club turning out to be a cult. LOL. Just the idea of it was genious. It was kind of the authour’s convention to get them into a scene where they are alone together, it was very creative. Well, I can’t wait to see next week’s episode.

Episode Link:
Episode Rating: +/- 0
Overall Rating: 7/10


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