Kyoukai no Kanata 03 [UTW]


If you haven’t noticed, I’m a little obsessed already

The dreamshade hits! and it is awesome. This episode was really quite cool. We get to explore more of the world inside kyoukai and different magic and things happen. We see that there are these cool barrier people and people who can strangle stuff. All in all, a very exciting episode, some fight scenes and some good looking scenes from mitsuo =P.

I don’t really like the main female protagonist right now, her character to me is a little annoying, but we will see how it will progress in the future, what’s going to suck in the future is that romance development between her and the main guy… (mitsuo is probably going to get shafted) From what I can tell next week is going to be a fight against the hollowshadow and maybe even the hollow shadow possessing that blonde hair dude.

PS. Dat biscuit =P

Episode Link:
Episode Rating: +/- 0
Overall Rating 8/10


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