Log Horizon 01 + 02 [HorribleSubs]


Log horizon, a silly name for a virtual reality anime, is a similar setting to SAO but not as strong. I really liked how SAO had this whole kill and be killed atmosphere where as this one is more kill and respawn. This anime is very interesting and has the potential to be good but I don’t think it will be as good as SAO. For now though the first episode I really enjoy virtual reality anime’s like SAO, so my expectations for this anime have been shot up a bit. Shoroe, is the main protagonist and he is a strategist support class. We find ourselves teaming up with two more people and they are some-what a team. One is a tank class and the other is a ninja class. (Ninja class ftw). There are just so many settings to this anime that I want to say but for lack of better words I willl not spell out everything. Just watch the anime and see, its got a great start to it.

The second episode, there seems to be trouble with one of shiro’s friends. But they’re so far away that they need to travel there. Here is where the Kill and respawn thing is good. Since people respawn in this game, the people start PKing everywhere in order to steal and loot. The strong become strong and the weak become weak. So, our protagonists head out on a journey to this far away town in hopes of saving their friend. For now, this anime has a real strong start and I am looking forward to the upcoming episodes

I really like the fight scenes in this anime, they’re really interesting and look really cool.

Episode link: http://horriblesubs.info/
Episode 1: 7/10
Episode 2: +/- 0
Overall Rating 7/10




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