Log Horizon 03 [HorribleSubs]



Well with this episode my hopes and dreams for this anime have gone down quite significantly. The story so far is just go and travel and save. I really don’t like the travelling anime’s unless it has a really compelling story to it. But right now, the anime is at it’s third episode and episode three’s are really the turning point in my opinion. If you are going to invest in an episode it should be the third one. Because by the third episode, people decide whether to keep watching or not.

The plot really didn’t thicken at all and the characters backstory wasn’t too great. The fight scene in this episode was fairly mediocre. It had basically the same skills as the previous episode. Watch out Log Horizon, if next week your episode is the same quality I am going to have to de-rate you by a point.

Episode Link: http://horriblesubs.info/
Episode Rating +/- 0
Overall Rating 7/10



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