Strike the Blood 01 + 02 [HorribleSubs]


Strike the Blood, just your typical girl with crazy powers. No big deal. This first episode was really quite good in my opinion. I really liked the setting of having abnormal people. For some reason I always add brownie points for anime’s who have girls that kick some serious butt. So far we have this vampire who goes around not sucking people’s blood and he really is just an ordinary guy. We have the girl, who is part of this… I want to say cult… And she just is trying to keep check on the vampire.

In the second episode, there is more fighting but the girl and the guy work together, in fact the girl moves in right beside him. The fight scenes in this were meh. Nothing spectacular or nothing notable. Just your typical I can’t beat this person but all the sudden someone comes and saves another. Hoping for some romance later in this series.

So far So Meeh.

Episode Link:
Episode 1: 7/10
Episode 2: +/- 0
Overall Series 7/10



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