Daiya no Ace 01 + 02 [HorribleSubs]


Ace of diamonds, A baseball anime and probably my most anticipated anime of the season. I really love baseball, one of my favourite sports to play, but this first episode really did not entice me to watch this series in the least. I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I started watching this anime because I have never seen an anime like this. But my expectations were really high. That being said this first episode wasn’t that great because I didn’t like the main character being all upset about his highschool friends. I thought his reasoning was really dumb, and I didn’t think it was realistic in the slightest

The second episode was also not up to my expectations, Now he out pitched some guy and that was cool. I really want to see some more baseball! But then they went to go close out the first arc, which was leaving his hometown and stuff. I mean cool, a little cliche, done poorly, but it was okay. I mean the whole train thing is way overdone. Anyways, usually I drop an anime by episode 4, so hopefully episode 3 and 4 will raise my expectations a little bit

Episode Link: http://horriblesubs.info/
Episode 1 Rating 6/10
Episode 2 Rating +/- 0
Overall Rating 6/10




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