Daiya no Ace 03 [HorribleSubs]


I really enjoyed this episode of Daiya no Ace. I know I was bashing this anime for not reaching my expectations but I am really glad this episode made me like this anime. It was a solid episode of entering the new school. It had that new school environment and it really was quite good. There was suspense and emotion and It met my expectations of what the first two episodes should have been. Really starting to like Sawamura and his character a lot more. It’s your typical がんばて shounen (try hard boy) and I live for shounen’s so YES!

I liked the OP of the anime, really took me three episodes to enjoy it but I really do think it is quite good. Will take a mental note to get it later when this season is over. Really looking forward to next week’s episode. The preview looked good and it looks like this is starting out to be a good anime.

Episode Link: http://horriblesubs.info/
Episode Rating +1
Overall Rating 7/10



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