Kill La Kill 03 [UnderWater]


Here we are at the third episode and to be honest I was putting it off a little because the first two episodes didn’t really ring STRONG for me. But I enjoyed the third episode quite a bit, I think I am getting used to the gag-style comedy more and more as I am finding it a bit more funny. I like the action in this episode. The fanservice is a bit too much for me. There’s a lot of it, of course it’s intended to be gag fanservice but it’s not that funny and not very appealing in the first place.

This episode came out strong because of the G-suits. I really liked them a lot. Just the idea of new elements coming into play. I mean this anime is seriously out there. The universe is really strange and the people are weird, but it’s a really fun anime. I don’t know what else to say about this episode. I am however looking forward to next weeks episode, so this probably will not be the last episode that I post next week.

Episode Link:
Episode Rating: +/-
Overall Rating 7/10


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