Proposal Daisakusen Jdrama



Once in awhile when I finish a good Jdrama I will review it and recommend it to you guys. I won’t post every episode about it, but I will do a full out review of the series.

Quick Summary

This drama is a rom-com with a bit of fantasy mixed into it. It centers around our main character Ken/Kenzo and he is the close childhood friend of our female lead Rei. These two have been in the same school/class since elementary school all the way til they are 24. We are now at Rei’s Wedding and watching a slide show of her childhood. There we get to see the fantasy portion of the show, and in doing so we travel back in time to when these slides happened to fix what was wronged about the past. The whole show revolves around this and I find it very clever


I really liked the characters in general, I thought each of them were very like able and I did not find any of them annoying. I really enjoyed the acting of each of them too, I didn’t think it was awful or bad at any point in time. It wasn’t spectacular or Oscar award winning acting but it was definitely good. I think my favourite character would have to be Mitsuo, I liked his subtlety throughout the show and I wish they showed a bit more of him.

Aside from the actors themselves I thought the character development of each of the characters was very cleverly planned out and I will explain more in the section below



I thought this show’s story was really touching. It definitely rang a lot of heart strings for me as I could somewhat relate to Kenzo’s feelings at some points in time. (New years episode) I really enjoyed thoroughly the photo gimmick that they used to go back in time. I really enjoyed watching Kenzo and the characters change when Kenzo goes back in time. I like how he tries so desperately to get what he wants and I like how dramatic the whole story is. I find it hilarious that in every episode he is running somewhere frantically and I love the jokes and comedy they throw in the show. I really admire the authors talent for story telling.


The music was a bit repetitive but because of it, It caught into my mind very easily There was no OP for the drama only an ED, and I thought the ED was very appropriate and very nice. I really enjoyed the music throughout the show and my only wish is that they added more variety to the music.

Characters/Acting: 8/10
Story 8/10
Sound 7/10

I really enjoyed the comedy and the premise of this show. I thought this show was hilarious and it had so many good jokes in it. I am going to give it +1 more rating than it deserves because this show really tugged on my heart. I think that when something pulls on the heart that the show really accomplished its job. I am really sad to see this drama finish off, and I hate how dramas are always so short. I hope that you will go and watch this drama. I just streamed it so I don’t actually have a link for you guys.

Overall Rating: 9/10

I recommend this drama for anyone who really likes Romance and Comedy. This is a great story and really touching for those of you who have wanted to go back in time.

ashita yarou baka yarou


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