Kyoukai no Kanata 04 [UTW]



Well, my opinions of this anime just dropped like a rock. This episode was very poorly written. I do not know why the heck it moves so fast in this episode but it does. They cheap out on not 1 thing but 2 things in this episode. All this hype for this big dreamshade to hit and they kill it in less than a minute. I was really looking forward to some intricate fight scenes and some cunning way of killing it. Then they go and cheap out on the second half of the episode too. I was getting excited for the second half because it looked really cool. Except they ended it so cheaply everything before that was just bad now. I can’t believe they did that. UGH. This was going to be an easy pick for the anime of the season but now I really hope they get their act together. This episode was far from my expectations and will most definitely lower the rating this week. I mean, the emotions felt cheap and forced, the sakura character just vanishes. These three spirit hunters are powerless against this half dreamshade. Like c’mon. This is silly, almost too silly. I am really hoping the series gets back to the quality of the first three episodes and finds some proper pacing in the anime.

Episode Link
Episode Rating -1
Overall Rating 7/10


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