Golden Time 04 [Horriblesubs]


Lovers quarrel this episode, as we have Kaga-san finally realize that maybe Mitsuo-san doesn’t like her back. I mean it’s about time, he was avoiding you and ignoring you. One text doesn’t equate to I love you. I really liked this episode. Why? Because I am rooting for Tada to win over Kaga’s heart. I really like the OP because of the cuteness of it. Like, when I see that OP I just want them to get together. I mean, it wasn’t the best confession. In fact the confession was pretty bad. But none the less it was a confession. The ending of this episode was epic. I really thought they did a great job with that cliffhanger. I did not see it coming, and I am really looking forward to next week. SUCH A GOOD TWIST

J.C. Staff did a really nice job with this animation. I can’t wait to see next weeks episode.

Episode Link
Episode Rating +1
Overall Rating 8/10


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