Outbreak Company 04 [Anime-Koi]


I was really looking forward to this episode and it wasn’t the best episode that has come out so far. Really, the story continues on to make the world a little bit more otaku. The jokes in this episode were pretty dry. I didn’t really find it that funny. They tried to make some sexual references and tbh, it wasn’t that great. I mean this series is all about the moe, however the series did have a lot of plot to it which made it really good. This episode was really not too much plot. We did get to meet our new foxy friend and I am hoping next week that the episodes really get better.

For now I am dropping the rating back down to a 7. I wasn’t very impressed with this episode and I am hoping for a good comeback next episode.

Episode Link http://www.anime-koi.com/2013/10/25/outbreak-company-04-sorry-for-the-delay/
Episode Rating: -1
Overall Rating 7/10



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