Strike the Blood 04 [HorribleSubs]



Hmm, well, a fairly average episode I might say. Just a typical fight scene and a typical plot. I have to say the plot is fairly poor. I am not really liking where the anime is going for this series. I just have to say that overall I am not really pleased with this anime. I think this had a lot of potential coming in, and the plot is really confusing. I don’t really know the world all that well and it’s already 4 episodes into this series. I’m not really attracted to the characters and the romance is sub-par. I think that the only thing going for this series is the fight scenes. They are pretty flashy and intricate. I am hoping for more development of the characters in future episodes. This anime so far still gets the average 7/10 for me though.

Episode Link
Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 7/10


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