Top 5 Series: Anime for Newbs

Hello all, I will start to post some Top 5 series posts. These will consist of various categories but they will all be under the top 5 series. For now I will start off the series with the one that may appeal to most people. Anime For Newbs. These are designed to give recommendations for people who have never watched anime and want to get started or see what Anime is about.

Number 5. Death Note


Genre: Mystery, Psychological, Thriller
Maturity Rating: 16+

This anime is a great kick-start to anime. It has a really solid story, it is a great watch for anyone. The characters in this anime are nothing but outstanding. To give you a bit of the taste of the setting, Light Yagami, A highschool senior is sick of the world as it is. He is disgusted with the crimes, the people, the lifestyle that everyone goes through. He ends up finding a notebook that if you think the persons face and write their name in the notebook they will die. He ends up using this notebook to become a vigil anti. The story has great twists and turns and you will not be disappointed with this anime for certain

Just some side notes, You CAN watch this in english dubbed. They don’t do a bad job at dubbing it in english however I would advise you to watch it in Japanese to really get the feel of the original content. As well, if you are newer to anime it’s always better to watch it in Japanese with english subtitles. It’s pretty much 95% of the time better to watch it in the original content.

I recommend this anime for everyone who wants to start out just watching anime. My brother doesn’t like anime and even he was hooked in by the 2nd or 3rd episode.


Number 4. Sword Art Online


Genre: Gaming, Action, Romance, Fantasy
Maturity Rating 16+

Hey, It’s in my top 5 anime for a reason and I will now re-give it in here. SAO, really strong throughout the entire series and I feel it gives off a great idea for the Virtual Reality anime. It is probably the best VRMMO anime out there to date and it is most definitely very entertaining.

SAO is an anime about video games, if you have ever played a video game or ever wanted to LIVE inside of a video game, this is the anime for you. It is absolutely astonishing how great of an environment this anime gives. I wish I could say more without spoiling it but let’s just say this anime has a lot of aspects to it. If you want to read more about it, hit up my Top 5 list.

I recommend this anime for everyone who has ever wanted to live inside of a video game, it is pretty much the best anime out there for video games.


Number 3. Shingeki No Kyojin


Genre: Action, Psychological, Thriller
Maturity Rating 16+

Again, a bit of overlap with my Top 5 Anime list, however I think this is a very good generic anime that everyone will like to watch. If you want a summary of this anime it’s also in my top 5 list.

I recommend this anime for anyone. I literally mean anyone. It will not let you down, there are so many good twist and turns and it is an exciting ride all the way to the end. I can tell you right now that this anime is probably the best anime in 2013 and most definitely the best one of spring 2013. It is a great thrill to watch and anyone can watch it. I put this one third over SAO because this one is geared more to a broader audience. In my top 5 List the orders are switched only because I enjoyed SAO more.

Shingeki no Kyojin is appropriate for all people and you can’t really go wrong with Shingeki no Kyojin.


Number 2. Mobile Suit Gundam Seed (Remastered)


Genre: Mech, Action
Maturity Rating:13+

Although it’s nice to look at the original version of Gundam seed, the remastered version is definitely the way to go. It is more defined and has more recent animations. There are very subtle differences between the original and the remastered ones but all in all it is the exact same plot and story just with VERY subtle differences in animation. I highly recommend this anime for anyone who has not seen the Gundam franchise as it is one of the most popular franchises out there. There is nothing better than a classic and this is a classic anime to start your road down to anime. This is the mech anime that started all mech anime’s and is the basis for all mech anime’s down the road.

To set the stage a bit, Kira Yamato, a university student in a space colony, is in a neutral territory off in space. That neutral territory gets sucked into the war that is going on between enhanced humans and normal humans. These fights are revolved around machines operated by men called GUNDAM’s. These powerful machines govern the power of a country and are the key to winning the war.

If you want a Great plot with Great action mixed in I suggest this anime for you. This is the pivotal anime and one of the most classic anime’s out there. Gundam seed to anime is like what the Beatles are to music. This anime will not disappoint and will most certainly be very fun to watch


Number 1. Full Metal Alchemist (Brotherhood)


Genre: Action, Fantasy
Maturity Rating 14+

If there is one anime that everyone loves it has to be full metal alchemist. There are two series to Full Metal Alchemist, I suggest you watch the one titled Brotherhood because it follows closer to the Manga. Both are exceptionally well done but if you want the original story I suggest watching brotherhood. If you want to watch both series I would start off by watching FMA and then watching FMA Brotherhood.

The two elric brothers are two very talented alchemists who are on a journey to return their bodies back to normal. After doing an illegal action, they traded their bodies for something that no body in the world could attain, a human transmutation. So, their search for the philosopher stone begins and the exciting adventure that entails.

I really recommend this also to anyone who has never watched anime. This one is perfect, it has a lot of action, romance, comedy, fantasy. But it is really well done. I have to say it is one of the best anime’s out there and it is a modern classic. FMA is by far one of the most original and intriguing stories out there and will lay down a strong foundation of anime for you.


Of course there are many types of anime out there and a lot more that were amazing stories and adventure, I couldn’t put every single one down, but if you are just starting anime and you want to know what anime is about I would start with this list. If you want some more anime recommendations you can shoot me an email via or leave a comment below. Like the page if you like what you see!



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