Top 5 Series: My Favourite Anime’s

My top 5 Anime. This page will change and update when a new anime comes and takes over the spotlight. But for now, this top 5 does not include some of the ridiculously popular mega anime’s that have come out. This includes: Shingeki no Kyoujin, Sword art Online, Fairy Tail, Clannad After-Story, and the Forbidden 4 (DBZ, Naruto, One-Piece, Bleach). I hope you enjoy my top 5 list.

Updated as of January 19, 2015

Honourable Mentions: Nagi no Asukara


Nagi no Asukara or A lull in the sea is an anime that really came out as a sleeper for me. Nagi no Asukara is a 2-cour 26 episode Fall 2013 anime from P.A. Works. The art-work is phenomenal in this anime. I highly recommend watching this in Blu-Ray as you will be blown away by the quality of the artwork. This is by far P.A. Works’ best production to date and will probably continue to be for quite some time. This original story stars six characters and has a highly dramatic approach. We have a lot of love interests and a lot of plot twists and it is an emotional ride from start to finish. The way these characters interact with each other is basically the whole show in a nutshell. However, the show is amazing to watch and by the end of it you are going to want to be able to live underwater. The music is done by Ray and Yanagi Nagi, two of my favourite artists, and the OP’s and ED’s were done very well. I highly recommend this anime to anyone who likes a good emotional romance.

Genre: Drama, Romance, Fantasy, P.A.Works

Number 5: Kaichou-wa Maidsama!


Kaichou wa Maidsama is a 26 episode 2-cour anime done by J.C. Staff in the Spring of 2010. This is perhaps my favourite Shoujo-RomCom of all time. The reason why is because of the intense romance tease between our two main characters. Misaki, is the student council president at her highschool and is trying to represent the girls in a highly populated boys school. Her secret, is that she works part-time at a maid-cafe which is eventually discovered by Usui, our main male protagonist. Usui is defined as the sexiest male in the school. The episodes are comically enhanced as we watch these two characters interact with each other. Misaki is your typical tsundere and Usui is your typical bad-ass. I have to say that this anime was thoroughly enjoyable and the ending episode is a strong contender for the best last episode for a series.

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, J.C. Staff

Number 4: Chihayafuru


Chihayafuru is a 25 episode 2-cour anime created by Madhouse in Fall of 2011 and has a sequel with 25 episode that aired in Winter 2013. If you want the perfect blend of Romance and “Sports” what you end up with is Chihayafuru. There is so much pent-up drama within Chihayafuru that I cannot even contain it. We have a love triangle from the start of the anime with Chihaya(female protagonist), Arata and Taichi. These three are childhood friends. Watch the anime and you can join the debate on who is better for Chihaya. I’ll warn you right now that we still don’t know who the victor is after years of the manga being published. In any case, you will find out that this is not just about their relationships but mostly about Karuta. Karuta is a card-sport in Japan that requires speed, memorization, and endurance. Our heroine is a world-class player aiming to be the Queen of Karuta. This is Chihayafuru in a nutshell, but don’t stop at just watching the anime because you need to finish the story. The manga is still being published and it is amazing. For those of you who have had a lot of romance suffering and rejection, watch this anime. There is so much character development and hopefully you will love this anime as much as I have.


Genre: Drama, Sports, Shoujo, Romance, Madhouse

Number 3: Usagi Drop


Bunny Drop, A heart-warming story, 11 episodes, 1-cour, Production I.G. Have you ever wanted to have a kid? Well, Rin is pretty much the perfect child. Our story is about Daichi and Rin and how they struggle through what life throws at them. Daichi is a single male bachelor who adopts Rin as a daughter because his Grandfather, who was taking care of Rin, passed away. Rin is a five year old child (who really acts like an eight year old child) and she is already so mature and responsible for herself. You are going to find that you will fall in love with both of these characters and it is so fun to watch Rin interact with the world. Anything she does is so cute-loving-heartwarming. The thing I like about this anime is that it’s not too dramatic but stuff happens in their lives that complicates the story. In the end it is a really great story and I think everyone should watch the anime. If you don’t want to ruin your anime experience don’t read the manga. That’s all I’m going to say about that

Genre: Slice of Life, Production I.G.

Number 2: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo


The pet girl of Sakurasou is a 24 episode 2-cour anime by J.C. Staff. This anime has a lot of drama, a lot of cheesy goodness, romance, and all in all pretty funny too. We follow the story of Sorata, who is your average student at the Sakurasou dormitory. He suddenly finds himself in a position where he has to take care of his classmate, Shiina, who seems to be street-dumb in every sense but talented in art in every way. In fact, you will find that everyone at Sakurasou is talented at one thing except for Sorata, and this becomes an overarching theme throughout the anime. The Characters and themes within this anime stand out as a huge plus side. There are tonnes of things going on in every episode that you can’t believe how much they fit into a 23-minute time frame. Every character has their own problems and their own issues and yet they have such likable traits to them. A lot of the themes in this anime hit a home-run for me. I won’t spoil all the themes in this review but go ahead and watch this for yourself. The art is very appealing and I would vouch for a Blu-ray version of this anime as well.

Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy, School, J.C. Staff

Number 1: Nodame Cantabile


This anime spans over three season done by J.C. Staff. The first in Winter 2007, the second in Fall 2008, and the final season in Winter 2010. The final episode total is 45. This has always had a strong biased for the top of my list. I am music major and this anime is one of the rare anime’s about an older audience, university students, and classical music. We have a 2nd year piano student Nodame, and a 3rd year piano student Chiaki. Their relationship is perhaps similar to Kaichou wa Maid-sama in the sense that it is a huge romance tease throughout the whole anime. The biggest plus to the anime is the comedy in the anime. It is funny, every episode is hilarious. If you like Beethoven, there is a plethora of Beethoven in this anime and I am so happy. If you don’t like classical music, you might not enjoy this to 100% of its capacity, but it still has a solid story, it is still funny and it you still will enjoy the anime quite a bit. The story ends in weird position, this is partially due to the fact that the artist had arthritis in her hand after drawing so much. So the story has a quick finish in the manga that you will want to read after you are done the anime.

Genre: Music, Comedy, off-Romance, J.C. Staff


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