Log Horizon 05 [HorribleSubs]



Hello everyone and I know I haven’t posted for the past couple days but it is good to be blogging and watching anime again. I really am starting to grow on this slice of life virtual reality anime. It is quite spectacular how much one can learn about a world you don’t live in and one that is new and exciting and I find that this anime manages to do just that.

Not much happened in this episode besides learning about the People of the Land and also just a new quirk about eating food. I feel like they pushed the food thing a bit over the top but if I had to eat bland food and suddenly eat real food I think I would react in the same manner.

This episode had no fight scenes really so what caught my attention was just learning about this world that they live in as well as the upcoming fight scenes to come. It was really just a lot of character development and plot development instead of flashy fight scenes and crazy things which is to be expected of a 5th episode. So far so good. Log Horizon isn’t turning out to be as epic as SAO but it definitely has it’s own flair to the show.

Episode Link: http://horriblesubs.info/
Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 7/10



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