Kill La Kill 05 [UnderWater]



Well this episode was a nice change of pace. Of course we get introduce to a new character this episode. My thoughts? well I don’t really know how I feel about this guy other than he was just really here to show the emotions of our senketsu and our girl. I really enjoyed the change of pace for this episode. It wasn’t just THROWING hilarious things at my face there was actually some weird deep emotion in it. I wouldn’t say I could relate to any of what was going on but I would atleast say it was nice to actually be interested in watching something a little silly. Like it wasn’t hahah funny it was just kind of a parody on what relationships are really like and it was a little touching I have to say.

This series I still can’t really tell what to call it other than a parody series. So far it has been the most unique thing I have ever watched and I don’t think I’ve watched anything so strange in my life. I am really captivated by the story and yet the story is just really stupid. I don’t think there is anything series about the show except that the show takes it very seriously. I think that’s the magic of this show is that it continues to make dumb things really serious, and they really do pull it off very well.

Episode link
Episode Rating +1
Overall Rating 8/10


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