Strike the Blood 05 [HorribleSubs]


This anime is just getting confusing for me. I really don’t understand what the overall plot is nor do I really understand what is going on. If someone wants to fill me in that would be great, but so far we have this new character pop in and she is very cool. We don’t really know her too much other than she is very strong. I am still confused on what role she plays or what role she will play in the future but I think it will be very cool when it happens.

The romantic development in this anime is starting to get… how do I put it… Cute? I can see the drama now. I really don’t know how much more drama they will put into the anime but I hope they put more. Drama makes things really interesting, but obviously this is not a RomDram so I don’t think they will.

This whole protagonator thing is also pretty confusing. I know nothing of the role that protagonators play in their world nor do I know exactly what they are. I just know that the main guy is a vampire who controls “things”. To be honest the only thing keeping me from bumping this series down a grade are the fight scenes. I have to wait and see next week to see if this fight scene will be a let down or not. Hopefully it will not be

Episode Link:
Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 7/10


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