Golden Time 06 [Horriblesubs]



When I first started watching this anime, I didn’t know that things were going to get really serious. I thought this anime was just going to be your average romcom. BUT NOOO, this is actually a straight up RomDram and RomDram done well. This anime is just getting better and better and more emotional with each passing episode. If I were to put myself in Tada’s shoes I think my brain would explode. Not knowing my past, not knowing what the hell is going on would really mess me up. Also I completely understand how Tada feels when Kaga just completely ignores him. I feel that Golden time really captures emotions from relationships very well and it is beautifully done.

Tada’s unknown past just keeps coming back at us. It really plays a huge roll in where the drama is centered. It’s almost a mix of a love triangle with a bit of memory loss. It’s beautiful because it is really original and well executed. Even though I’ve never lost my memories you can really feel the emotions coming from Tada Banri and you can seriously connect with the character really easily. Good Job author of Golden Time. Good Job J.C.Staff

From just watching these 3 people fight and struggle it really just makes you want to watch more. This drama just really draws you in. Of course there are silly moments here and there but really this anime is all about that drama. I can already tell that the anime is going in a great direction and although I didn’t particularly like the ending of this episode because it was a bit forced, I still really enjoy this anime. If Goldentime keeps up the quality you can expect the rating to go up a bit.

Episode Link
Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 8/10


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