Kyoukai no Kanata 06 [UTW]



Hey that’s what I’m talking about. This episode was really good. I really enjoyed it, it was laid back and it was really just about the characters. I really enjoyed the little innuendo they had with that giant eye ball. There was so much moe in this episode it was really easy on the eyes. For both girls and guys I would say. It’s not like they showed too much fanservice they just threw out a lot of nice looking art and costumes.

When I first saw Mitsuki come out with the karaoke I instantly thought of Mio. hahah. Well, I had a discussion with my friend, he says that middle girl with the angel is the cutest now, but Mitsuki will always be number one in my heart.

Well, not much happened this episode, which is what I liked about it. They didn’t force any fighting and they didn’t force any plot to come out, it was really just a nice slice. You don’t have to have a good plot to make an anime good it just has to intend not to have a plot in the first place. I really enjoyed the insert music in this episode. I thought it was really spectacular. I can’t wait for the song to come out as I will most definitely be getting it. Keep it up Kyoukai I BELIEVE.

Episode Link
Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 7/10


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