Diamond no Ace 06 [Horriblesubs]


Wow this episode was really good. I loved the little comedy they threw in and the whole episode was about the game. GOOD. It’s about time we got to see some baseball. NOT ONLY THAT, we finally got to see the Sawamura pitch. Literally 6 episodes of suspense to lead up to these 15 minutes he is on the mound and it was really interesting. He got some outs and they really unraveled some interesting technique that Sawamura has on his pitch.

Every moment of this episode was suspenseful and I think I was cheering YES and NO! the whole episode. I am not a very quiet anime watcher. Pretty much if I am yelling at my screen that means I am excited. So, that being said this episode was very exciting and well done. Not much plot happened in this episode just a lot of baseball which to be honest was really nice. There was however some character development, we start to dive deeper into some of the characters like our rival pitcher and roommate batter in the second string.

Now to contrast I hope that next episode they have more plot and less baseball. I also hope that sawamura will stop being dumb. He kind of reminds me of Naruto when he was dumb. Just really excited to be the best but nothing to show for it. Of course Naruto is good because of that slow transition to him being so OP. Now I hope that it doesn’t take 300 episodes like Naruto but I am expecting a similar plot line. All in all I really enjoyed this episode,

Episode LinkĀ http://horriblesubs.info/
Episode Rating +1
Overall Rating 8/10


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