Top 5 Series: Anime Girls

Boys, there comes a time where you have to take the time and appreciation of the opposite sex and especially that of the imaginary type. I love the female characters in anime, they make them exciting and really I don’t know what it is, it may just be my testosterone running but it really is part of the aspect that makes a good anime. There has to be one good looking female character in the anime to make it look good. I mean obviously there are exceptions to this but a good female character makes for some good points. I am just a fan of good female anime characters. So let’s start off this top 5 series shall we?

I dont know why but they have to be able to fight. Maybe I want my future spouse to want to be able to fight? or maybe it’s just my inner shounen going DANG she can fight, but she has to be able to fight….

Number 5. Misaka Mikoto

Anime: To aru kagaku no Railgun


I’m not to sure about the parent story of magical index (because I didn’t watch it) but I know for sure that in Railgun, Misaka is just awesome. If we talk about fighting she can fight. She is an electric shocker and level 5 at that. I love how OP J.C. staff makes her and just how strong she is. Her railgun looks fantastic. I mean everytime that music comes on by fripside (any one of the OP’s) I just get so pumped and excited because I know that the railgun is coming. Everytime I see the railgun go off my mouth drops and I think I shout (YEEEEEEE) I am a loud anime watcher, I can’t stay quite for an anime like this.

I love how tsundere she is. I actually like that on almost every single one of my top 5. hahah. Well her personality is quiet sometimes and crazy when it comes to relationships. I find that type very cute in girls. I think that personality reflects a very cute relationship. I think most girls are somewhat like that when they like someone and I think seeing that all over anime’s is very very cute.

They also place in Misaka a very childish personality to her. She likes very childish things and she reacts really funny when she gets picked on, I think that also adds to her cuteness. There’s no way to describe cute other than cute. Some people find those kinds of girls annoying but I am not one of those peoples

Let’s talk about the way misaka looks. She has a nice short cut with brownish orange hair. I don’t normally like short haired girls to be honest but I don’t really rate people on how they look anyways. The art for her is pretty well done and some people don’t like it when anime producers put in a blush on characters. I personally like the blush, I mean it is over done, but when it’s done correctly I think it helps give off an emotion as well. I short, when Misaka blushes she looks very cute.


Number 4. Mikasa Ackerman

Anime: Shingeki No Kyojin


Hey another girl who can really make it out on her own and fight. Mikasa is almost a cold hearted killer and she is always ready to do anything for Eren Jaeger. Her use of the maneuver gear and her swords only up the appearance that she gives off. Not only is shea  master at doing these things but when she twirls around and fights things you cannot help but look in awe. When Mikasa flies across the screen you have to admire how cool she looks doing so.

To be honest, Mikasa isn’t that cute in her personality. Nothing about her personality makes her cute at all. Why did I rate her higher than Misaka? Well it’s because of her love for Eren. I think that undying love is such a desirable trait for a lot of people looking for a relationship. She is willing to DIE for this guy because of their past. I think this is a very big PLUS factor for me in liking this character. Her personality is very mature and very strong willed and that’s what I like about mikasa.

Her looks? Again she’s got a short cut and black hair. I think I already covered how cool she looks. I have to say that sometimes I didn’t enjoy the animation that IG productions did on shingeki. Sometimes there was this distracting HUGE THICK BLACK LINE around the characters. It’s one of those things where it’s “once you see it you cannot un-see it”. I just couldn’t get over it. I really did like the way she looked though in that uniform, very slick and very nice.


Number 3. Sakura Kinomoto

Anime: Cardcaptor Sakura


STOP! I know what you’re thinking. You think I am a loli-con now. NO. FALSE. once you read though why I picked Sakura as my third top female anime character you will see that I am not.

FIrst of all I do not think of her like that in any way. She is a 5th grader. In fact I think of her as the ideal daughter of mine in the future. So now we got that of the way let’s get into why I picked her.

She’s very cute. I think that her personality and her fun outgoing clumsy ditsy self makes the anime very interesting to watch in the first place. Honestly each and every episode was amazing to watch because Sakura was so easy to like as a character. I think she went through the motions of so many elementary school girls and really portrayed crushes on older guys crushes on guys of her age and just being an elementary school girl in general. This anime would not have been so successful had Sakura not been so awesome.

Hey, she can fight. You to say to me that Sakura would not win in a battle? Pls sir. She can win. She’s got all her Sakura Cards. Each one of these has some killer magical ability and she converted all these cards with her OWN magic. YEE THATS RIGHT SON. She might be a little girl but watch out she bites.

I really loved the romance that went on between Sakura and Li. I thought it was the cutest thing in the whole wide world. I kind of wish I had a girlfriend in elementary school now because of this anime. The romance in this anime is to die for. It is so astonishingly well done that it almost makes me cry. Sakura’s relationship towards Li is just the best thing to watch and it just made the whole anime that much better. I mean who doesn’t like a good romance in their anime? (I’m sure some of you don’t but hey this is my blog)


Number 2. Erza Scarlet.

Anime: Fairy Tail


Erza used to be my number one back when I first started watching fairy tail. The thing about Erza is that she is from a shounen and a long one too, so you get to see her in SO MANY episodes. She is an S-ranked Mage in fairy tail and deemed one of the strongest girls who is a mage. She just whips practically anyone. You can count on her to win a fight no matter what and I would not want to get on her bad side. Her Re-quip abilities just adds to the number of costumes she can wear and she looks good in every single armour.

Her “attributes” are massive and she has a great personality. Tsundere to the max. To be honest, I wish she didn’t like Jellal because it breaks my fanboy heart. I love how she obsesses over cake and it adds to her personality. She will destroy anyone who gets in her way. She has her own cute side to her personality and she really is amazing to watch on the screen

One of my favourite Erza moments is in the Grand Games Arc. Where she defeats the 100 monsters and lifts that sword up in the air. That has to be my favourite moment of all time. There were actually so many emotions and scenes where Erza was just the pinnacle of everything that gave me goosebumps and Erza was there to do it.


Number 1. Yuuki Asuna

Anime: Sword Art Onine



Wow, SAO has made it to all 3 of my tops so far. Pretty good if I say so. Asuna is my favourite female anime character. Why? She looks great. I have to say her art and animations look stellar. Every time she went on the screen I was really happy because they would make her look so cool. You would not want to mess with this second in command girl as she totally rips anyone apart.

I love her storyline with kirito and the romance that develops between the two. They are just so cute together and they just have this quirky relationship that just works. One of the reasons why SAO wasn’t as good in the second arc was because there wasn’t as much Asuna in the second arc. Her Tsundere personality just shines and makes everything so cute.

I love it when she gets a little mad at Kirito and I love it when they show the romance in the episodes. I also like how OP she is. She is really strong and just really cute. I don’t know what else to say about her because you will just fall in love with this character. I am totally in love with this character in every sense and she is too cute. If I were to marry her I would do it in a second she is definitely my number 1.

Okay, back to reality… can’t marry… a fictional character…. sad life. I know, I am such a depressing person…


Well there’s my top 5 Anime Girls. It was really hard to narrow it down to just 5. There are so many great female characters in anime that really shape and change the dynamics of an anime. I hope you post your top 5 below and let me know which female characters you think are the best in anime.



  1. I can almost wholly agree with you with the exception the ordering and of Fairy Tale just because I haven’t had the chance to see it. Sakura would definitely be by #1 followed by, Asuna, Mikoto, and Mikasa. Excellent choices but I don’t know who would fit my #5 spot. It should be obvious but for some reason it completely fails me.
    I would have to substitute in… maybe Yukino Miyazawa from Karekano for all the emotions and troubles she goes through with her first love Arima, or maybe Mei Tachibana from Sukinayo as she and Yamato mature from the negative experiences they had before high school, or even Manami Tamura from Oreimo as being so devoted to the well being of Kyousuke that she gave up her feelings for him to support the other harder off but more likely to succeed competition. The animation of these characters isn’t flashy or amazing in any sense but it really helps you get a down to earth feel for them when it matters.

    1. I love seeing peoples top 5 anime girls. It’s quite rare to see someone actually agreeing with 4/5 of my choices hahah. Of course everyone is different and their preferences different as well. I haven’t seen karekano or sukinayo. Are they good to watch and would you recommend it? Always looking for good anime to watch.

      1. Haha yeah I was very surprised to see that I agreed so much with it so I had to post my comment. Karekano is another one of my favorites as it’s done in a style similar to Evangelion (also a fav) since they share a lot of senior staff. The main difference between the two is where Eva is a mildly graphic post-apocalyptic, psychological anime with heavy mecha action, violence and mostly negative emotion and Karekano is a slice-of-life high school romance with a good balance of emotion and a bit comedy thrown in and soft simpler animation. There is a number of recap eps in Karekano but overall I just really appreciated how everything was put together. There really isn’t another anime like it. A significant note is that good number of people don’t like the way the screenplay is but if you like the way the monogatari series is told then you should be fine. I would highly recommend to try it out to see if you like it.
        Sukinayo is another slice romdram that is also quite slow. I don’t like the main male lead Yamato much at the start because he seems like an insensitive jerk but seeing the timid Mei as she grows was really great. It’s a half season so you can only get so much done but they did a decent job. All in all I would say that Sukinayo is half the anime Karekano is in most ways but they’re both a good watch and rather cute at times. Even though they were rather vanilla they had some serious topics and realities of any high school relationship. I enjoyed and recommend them to anyone looking for a good romance.

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