Kill la Kill 06 [Underwater]


Back to the mindless action we know as Kill La Kill and this episode was pretty decent. Nothing out of the ordinary happened this episode to make this one stand out from the rest. The same styled comedy and the same kind of plot line and fight scenes. I think the weirdest part would have to be at the beginning of the episode when the Man’s nipples started to glow. I have no idea where they get these ideas from. Maybe they dream them up and say HEY THIS IS GOLD FOR MY ANIME who knows…

All that being said I still really appreciate Kill La Kill. It is so unique and so interesting to watch. There’s still some sort of strange serious atmosphere hidden in the texture that makes you want to watch more of this show. Keep it up Kill la Kill, loving how the dynamics of this anime come into play with each of the characters.

Episode Link
Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 8/10



    1. Yeah, Liked the pacing as well. I wish there was a bit more depth to the episode but this anime is always changing how much depth there actually is in each episode.
      My favourite episode is probably the one where she unleashes the God-mode.
      Thanks for commenting by the way!

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