Log Horizon 06 [HorribleSubs]


So I had watched this episode earlier this week but I completely forgot to write up a review for the episode. It was a decent episode if I remember correctly. The main issues are starting to become bigger issues and we finally have Shiroe-san start up a new guild. We already know this guy doesn’t like guilds because they just abuse his power. So it’ll be even more interesting to see how Shiroe resolves the issues of power within the guild system at the moment.

I like how this episode had a bit of political issues in the game. Where the bigger guilds get better and the smaller ones have more issues. I also like the conflict created with the EXP potions. I think these dynamics are fairly good. Being a gamer you can really connect with this anime and you know a lot of the dynamics in the game already. For example the PK system in the game is pretty similar to a lot of PK systems in real MMORPG’s and even though people don’t think of it as a big deal in real life, it is a big deal here in this anime.

I find it a bit silly that he gets all upset in the game because of that, but since it’s not really a game to them anymore it’s actual life I guess the dynamic would change a bit for them. I also really wish they would explain how the heck they got stuck in the game in the first place. I am really still quite clueless as to what happened. At least in SAO they explained it very clearly. I really hope they explain this in future episodes

Episode Link: http://horriblesubs.info
Episode Rating +/-
Episode Link 7/10



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