Strike the Blood 06 [HorribleSubs]



So I think this episode was a little better than the previous episodes in two different ways. 1. The blonde girl is pretty awesome as a character and she really fits in better with the story than yukino and 2. I actually understood what was going on in the episode.

Normally I am just outright confused on what happens in strike the blood. I was still slightly confused at the beginning of the episode but now I can see a direction, a main plot, a main story within the story. I see why at the beginning of the series there were people trying to obtain this object and things leading up to this episode. HOWEVER, this was still extremely confusing and not really well executed.

One more thing, the new character yukino’s roommate is just completely out of the blue. I really have no idea who this person is, what her drive is, and why she is so crazy. Do people out of cults normally act this insane? One can only hope not.

So far Strike the blood has not met my expectations what-so-ever and has really disappointed me in watching it. Even though this week’s episode made it more clear there are still major flaws with this anime. One of them just being a very terrible story path and awful character development between the two main protagonists. The romance is just completely forced and the emotions just feel completely fake. If it was like a shounen that was going for the I CAN DO ANYTHING feel, than atleast I could pass it off as a shounen but even this sub-par romance/action is just really bad.

Im sorry if I just offended any STB fans but that’s just how I feel about the anime, feel free to dispute/agree/semi-agree in the comments below

Episode Link: 
Episode Rating -1
Overall Rating 6/10


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