White Album 2 06 [UTW]


This episode was filled with lots of drama. If you’re wondering which of the two girls I like better I like setsuna way more than I like touma. I feel like touma’s character is just way too devious for me. That dirty move she pulled at the end by composing that song was just too much for me. She definitely knows that Setsuna and Haruki have a thing but she competes man. Such is life to be so cruel.

I liked this episode as it was fairly good but I really don’t like Touma and this episodes pinnacle was around Touma. She was sick the whole time and they built this sort of relationship between Haruki and Touma that I thought was a bit strange. It’s like borderline friendship borderline relationship.

I’m now going to comment on the way they practice music. It’s horrible. Don’t follow what theyre trying to do. CRAMMING BEFORE AN EVENT IS THE WORST THING TO DO. I don’t care who you are but it doesn’t work like that. Also they practice at such a fast speed. If you practice at a slower speed you will be able to play it better at a faster speed later.

Okay sorry about the music practicing thing, I’m a stickler for that stuff.

Episode Link: http://utw.me/2013/11/10/white-album-2-06/
Episode Raitng +/-
Overall Rating 7/10



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