Golden Time 07 [HorribleSubs]



I have been waiting all week for this episode to come out and it was great. It was hilarious which was a great change of pace. The relationship between Tada and Kaga was really funny this episode. But man can that guy take a clingy relationship. She is very clingy and she does not let up hahah. Like unbelievable, if I were to be dating Kaga I don’t think we would last very long. P.S. that box. LOL.

This episode had a good balance of comedy romance and drama. The drama was really good because it dealt with the issues of his past and the current state. I feel awful for Linda. She is really a sweet person and in some ways a better match for Tada than Kaga is. Which is why it’s a great anime, the drama is really strong and it makes you feel a bit sad for the characters. And what is this NANA thing going down hahah. Making references to the anime Nana. Ohh J.C. Staff you shouldn’t have.

On a side note, Yui Horie released the CD’s for her singles from golden time. Both Golden Time and Sweet Sweet Cherry are out and I suggest you pick them up because they are wonderful songs. I am going to annoy the heck out of my roommates with these happy tunes because I will be blasting them. Well I hope you enjoyed this weeks GoldenTime as much as I did and looking forward to next weeks as well!

Episode Link: 
Episode Rating +1
Overall Rating 9/10


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