Kyoukai no Kanata 07 [UTW]



This episode had a bit of everything. It was funny, it was plot driven, it was exciting and it did not disappoint what-so-ever. The action in this episode was very interesting I like how the characters interacted with each other this episode and how they were funny. I specifically like Inami Sakura. I already like her character right from the start. I like how we get to see the interaction between mirai and sakura and what really takes place between them.

This episode has some really great cliffhangers. I really liked the ominous man who picks up the weapon in the sewers and also liked the cliffhanger at the end of the episode. I think they did good job this episode just trying to fill in some questions that you might have had previously and they also just furthered the story a lot more. Which is good because this anime is fairly short. We’re already 7/13 episodes in and it’s been a good ride so far.

Still liking mitsuki and how awesome she is. UTW is currently doing a poll on who’s the better girl on Kyoukai. Obviously I picked mitsuki because she is too awesome. And her sweet potato is awesome too. Kinda jealous of that sweet potato being able to just hide in her shirt like that =/ Anyways looking forward to the last 6 episodes

Episode Link
Episode Rating +1
Overall Rating 8/10


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