Log Horizon 07 [Horrible Subs]


This was a great episode. Why? It was really interesting to watch Shiroe’s plan unfold. The best part about it was that they did not even finish off the plan. It was only the first part of the plan. Obviously to probably just bait out the bad guys but it was fairly well executed. I really enjoyed the food gimmick because I knew it was going to play a huge role in the anime because they spent so much time on it. I talked about the food tasting bland for many  an episode and they actually used this as part of the anime. Very well done. I actually like the style that this anime is taking which is just delivering the setting of the anime and using it to its advantage.

I really am starting to like Shiroe because he reminds me of Light Yagami. Not because he wants to punish evil people but because of how carefully he plans every step. And the planning is almost what draws you into this anime not really the game setting. I think they did an amazing job this episode. Each episode they show from this anime they reveal something new about the game. They keep the watchers interested and its not unoriginal either. Its very easy to watch and there is no fan service which makes it good for all ages.

I like fact that we still get to see Shiroe’s plan unfold even further and the plot is starting to get pretty good. This week I was very satisfied with what I saw and I am hoping that next week will keep up the great effort.

Episode Link: http://horriblesubs.info
Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 7/10



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