Kill la Kill 07 [UnderWater]


Kill la Kill, continues to apply real life to non-sense in a matter of 20 minutes. This time the subject matter is one that hits close to home; family. I love the ideas of family as I cherish my own family very much. We all have our stages in life where we don’t necessarily see eye to eye with our parents or siblings. However once you leave home you start to realize how much you miss and cherish the moments. When Ryuuko sits down and has a family meal she realizes how important these times are and instead of giving in and cracking to the pressure of wealth she goes back to the ideas of family

Pretty much this episode just matched what I expect every week from this anime now. High quality and original gag humour mixed in with a bunch of serious-ness. This week delivered the message and point across. I hope they start going deeper into the plot. Even though this is a 25 episode series I am hoping that they pull off atleast 2-arcs. I really don’t want to watch the same school-styled anime for another how many episodes there are left.

Episode Link
Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 8/10


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