Outbreak Company 07 [Anime-Koi]



Well looking back on this episode it was absolutely hilarious. Last week’s episodes were all really well done and I have to say this was no exception. We finally get to see shinichi return to Japan and what else? Myucel just happened to smuggle herself into Japan as well. It was a great episode to watch. There were so many jokes about Otakus and random jokes about japan. Some of the jokes though would’ve been hard to understand if you don’t know the culture well. For example the one about the hiragana.

Just a simple slice of life episode which was great and what also was good was that Petraruca was not in the episode too much. I can’t handle that lolicon stuff. Not my thing. Could be your thing but I don’t tango like that.

Man seeing all these maid cafe’s really makes you wonder if that’s what a maid cafe is like in Japan. I personally have never been to Japan and have never experienced it myself but I really want to know what it’s like. I hope what I see in the anime is what I get in real life whenever I do venture over.

To be honest, I don’t really remember much of this episode because I watched it like last week, but that being said I remember it being a fairly good episode. I wasn’t disappointed with any of the anime’s this week,

Episode Link http://www.anime-koi.com/2013/11/15/outbreak-company-07-akibas-time/
Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 7/10




      1. yeah, I mentioned it in my trip post, but it actually wasn’t one of those moe moe kyun places with the omurice and stuff, it was more low key and classy and nice

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