White Album 2 07 [UTW]


I was talking to my good friend about this anime and he really likes this anime. Why? The girls are cute and the music is good plus the drama is epic. I see where he is coming from in these perspectives but I don’t really like this anime on the same level that he does. For one, I don’t like how the characters are drawn in white album. I feel like their heads are shaped funny. I don’t really like the personality of Touma that much either. I know, you guys like her, but she to me feels really fake.

That being said I really liked the music in this anime. Unlike K-on where they usually just cut-off the music after a certain point in time they just played the music throughout. I really liked that aspect of it, just take the time to really appreciate the music.One thing I didn’t like was they never played through the original song, I wanted to hear what it was. But I guess anime does have it’s limit to how much music they can shove into one episode.

Hmmm Ogiso makes the first move. I wonder how Touma will respond and how this will circulate the triangle of love. I wonder what’s going to happen. I hope some more drama happens but to be honest Ogiso is a much better pick šŸ˜‰

My apologies again for posting so late, school has been crazy lately and I can finally start to breathe again as the year starts to wind down.

Episode LinkĀ http://utw.me/2013/11/17/white-album-2-07/
Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 7/10



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