Kill la Kill 08 [Underwater Subs]



Gamagoori! who knew this character was so cool. When we think of the three star uniform ultimas we think that they are all bad people. Gamagoori is really a cool dude though. He was pretty awesome, like the flash back we had of him really tells us a lot about his personality. I think that this will play a deeper role as the anime continues.

And finally the plot continues down even more. I love it, I think that this will be a 2-arc series and we will get to see the end of the first arc by the end of the season. This episode was pretty cool, like I really liked how they emphasized on gamagoori’s character. I also like the fact that this show is very fast paced. Nothing about it is slow or boring. It’s always interesting and grabs your attention. This week they did a good job.

With everything happening with the reformation of the school and this crazy brawl that’s about to go down we can expect that the upcoming weeks are going to be good. I am anticipating crazy fight scenes and new tactics that come with them. Can’t wait to watch the rest of the anime’s this week. Expecting them to be just as good.

Episode Link:
Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 8/10



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