Strike the Blood 07 [Horriblesubs]



Hmm, given that I gave this anime a 6 already, this episode was much better. Why? It was really plot driven. I finally start to understand some of the plot that’s going down here except one thing is still pretty bad. I don’t know who’s friend and who’s foe. For some reason the first vampire dude is interrupting things and I still don’t know why. The headphones dude we barely know that guy and I still don’t really know whats going on.

I’m about to watch episode eight in hopes that this will enlighten me further on what’s going on but I am so lost right now in this anime. I still like the blonde girl better than yukino. I think that’s a better match instead of a middle school girl. Age gap differences aren’t as bad when you get older but when you’re in highschool it feels weird to be dating a middle schooler don’t yah think? No offense to everyone who is dating in that range but to me it’s a little off. Which is fair to say.

Okay I finally finished catching up on all the blogs I had to catch up on and the weekend is already here which means another round of blogs. Don’t get me wrong, blogging is really fun and exciting, but it eats a lot of your time especially if you’re blogging seven shows at a time. That means you have to watch 7 shows 7×25 minutes. Plus you have to blog about it. about 15 minutes each blog. I take my time trying to find a good snapshot to look at and appreciate.

Enough of that. hope you have a good week folks

Episode Link:
Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 6/10


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