Outbreak Company 08 [Anime-Koi]


This episode was all about the NEET’s and just really showing us how life is like when you do nothing all day. Sure enough last week I said that I liked outbreak company because there was almost no petraruca. This week I should have known that it would’ve been centered around her. I really found this weeks episode to be quite boring. I don’t know what it was, maybe it was because it wasn’t that funny and maybe because it had petraruca in it. I don’t know, it wasn’t the most enjoyable episode to watch.

That being said, if you’ve seen Welcome to the NHK then you would know what a NEET should be doing already. This whole episode with the NEET centered idea was just not interesting to me. Maybe it’s because I’m not a NEET myself and I can’t really relate to it. I hope that many NEET’s enjoyed this episode and if you are a NEET I think I need to tell you to go outside. Life is more than just video games and anime.

Well, I was fairly disappointed with this episode, considering that last week’s episode was really good. I don’t know, this anime just seems to just get a little more dull every time I watch it. I think that maybe the whole moe thing is starting to wear off. Especially because the characters are poorly designed.

Episode Link: http://www.anime-koi.com/2013/11/22/outbreak-company-08-akibas-time/
Episode Rating -1
Overall Rating 6/10



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