Strike the Blood 08 [Horriblesubs]


Why does every single episode must have fanservice in the anime. I don’t want to sound like a broken record and say it every time there is, because I know that people do like it. This was totally unnecessary. You can probably tell by listening to me rant that I don’t really like Harems. Why? Because they totally ruin the concept of relationships and they are totally unrealistic. I understand maybe one or two girls liking the same person, but every single girl in the anime is just too much.

This episode was really about the completion of the nalakuvera arc which I was quite happy about. I really still don’t know what is going on with respects to who is good who is bad and what’s going on really which is really turning out to be a problem for me. This is a two season anime and I still don’t know what’s going on half way through the first season? Issue

Well that being said the fight scenes are the redeeming point in this anime. I really do like the flashy scenes and fights. The comedy in it is okay, but really the only good thing going for this anime is the appealing flashy fight scenes. The shounen in me gets excited when I see very cool animated scenes. I actually finally understand this whole familiar thing, and hopefully the rest of the anime will unveil itself to me in future episodes.

Episode Link:
Episode Rating: +/-
Overall Rating: 6/10


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