Golden Time 09 [Horrible Subs]


Oh the weekend is here and it’s time to sit back and watch some anime. GOLDENTIME STRIKES AGAIN. This episode was nothing less than phenomenal. Since Linda is my favourite character there’s no reason why I didn’t like an episode all about Linda. I have to say though that the white background flashback thing was kind of annoying. They made a point that it was a flashback but for the whole 10-15 minutes of it, it just got annoying to look at.

That being said, I love flashbacks of Linda and Banri because they were so cute together in highschool. Everytime you look at them it looks so cute. I loved the quotes that went down in that episode. “Everytime the rain falls and the wind blows” Cheesy but good. She memorized those lines and quoted them back at him. Aw so cute.

Anyways, I need to comment about the twist at the end. My prediction is that he won’t be able to do anything right away, just because he has restrictions to his current self and Kaga Koko. But my friend thinks he’s just going to break up with Kaga  Koko and go for broke on Linda, Well. Who’s right? Guess we’ll find out next week.

Episode Link:
Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 9/10


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