Log Horizon 09 [Horriblesubs]


And the plot thickens even more. This time using more of this games features we can see that Shiroe’s plan finally unfolds. He buys out the dumbest building in the game and now he is completely evil. Seeing that he is in now in complete control of Akihabara, he is quite literally blackmailing everyone in the town. It must suck to be one of those guildmasters because no matter what they have to adhere to Shiroe or else they get banned from their money. Kind of an unfair aspect of the game if you ask me. But that being said it is fairly well played by Shiroe’s part and I can’t believe no one else has even thought about that.

Well, I hope that they end this arc soon, I want them to get into actually killing things and doing quests. What’s an MMORPG anime without having a quest in the game. I really like the character’s in this anime especially the ninja girl. She is so cute when she gets pinched on the cheeks and what-not hahah. Here’s hoping that they end the arc soon with a spectacular ending.

Episode Link http://horriblesubs.info/
Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 8/10



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