Golden Time 10 [Horriblesubs]



hmmm, I don’t know what to say about this episode, it was kind of disappointing. I wanted a lot more drama in this and they kind of cheaped us out on this one. I like that he still has these lingering feelings for Linda and the dynamic that it created but I don’t like how they made this huge cliffhanger last episode and almost immediately clamp it in this episode. I really wanted them to make this episode epic and it got my hopes a little too high for this episode.

Well, that being said the episode wasn’t terrible. I mean it was still interesting. I really want to see where they take Golden Time and the dynamic between Linda and Kaga and Banri. I think it will be a bit messy, of course no drama is without its ugly sides.

To be honest this episode did not live up to the standard that Goldentime has brought to the table, this could have easily been a 10 in my books if this episode was done really well, but it kind of shot my hopes and expectations down a bit. I think that it will continue to be good but I hope they don’t keep pulling these cliffhanger-clamps. I also still don’t like kaga-san as much as I like linda. Linda just seems to be an all around better girlfriend than Kaga. And to be honest, when I heard Kaga saying that this episode I was nodding in agreement. lol.

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Overall Rating 9/10


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