Kill La Kill 09 [Underwater]


So I put off this episode, why? I don’t really know why, it was really just put off for the week, and to be honest this episode was fairly disappointing. For one, kill la kill always manages to put some sort of morale into the anime, even if it’s ridiculous. This time they just went into more back story of Gamagoori which was okay, except that there wasn’t really any new information being given. The plot was really stalled at just fighting the guy, and the only new thing we learned this episode was that we got to see Senketsu transform again.

I think that this episode’s fight scenes were mediocre, nothing great about them and nothing bad, I just don’t want to watch 3 more episodes of fighting. I think that’s just way too overdone and I was not excited about this episode to begin with. I guess I’ll find out in a couple minutes what episode 10 is going to be like.

I will comment on that really sketchy teacher. I don’t really know what his deal is, he is kind of on Ryuuko’s side except that he’s just a strange character. He was brought out a lot more in this episode so I am assuming he is going to play a bigger role in future episodes. I think that his character will also develop more as we watch.

Episode Link
Episode Rating -1
Overall Rating 7/10


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