Kyoukai no Kanata 10 [UTW]


This episode just confirmed all the guesses I had right from the last episode. It was great to see that everything I had guessed was correct. I did think that Mirai was sent to kill the Kyoukai no Kanata and she just couldn’t do it because she fell in love with the guy. I now know the how devious Isumi Nase is and how freaky she can be. However this episode was a bit sad. I really don’t know if Mirai is okay or if she is inside the Youmu itself. I really want to know what the business is with that snowy alternative world. For some reason that’s not part of the dream I don’t believe and I guess we’ll find out next episode.

I want to talk about the way this episode was structured. It was really well done, just how they managed to make you confused and then answer the questions. Of course you got confused when it was summer and winter and weird flashbacks at the same time. They explained the summer time, they explained the disappearing parts, but they didn’t explain the winter time thing. So also hoping for that explanation.

The field of dreams (reference to clannad), oh man, that was good. I didn’t like the relationship between Mirai and Akahito at first but now that was just sweet. That little scene warmed up my heart a bit. I didn’t really think they would develop that into a relationship due to only having 13 episodes but they did a great job.

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Overall Rating 8/10


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