Log Horizon 10 [HorribleSubs]


This episode wrapped up the arc and rounded off the situation of akihabara. I guess all the evil inside shiroe was actually okay. He wasn’t that evil and there’s no way that a person like him with his personality would create an evil place to be. I think it’s really cool how they can turn the world that their living in into a place that looks similar to the real Japan. Takoyaki lol. The whole crafting idea will add to a whole new dynamic to the anime, and knowing this anime, they will somehow use it to be freaking awesome.

I love how they introduce one aspect of this anime and play with it. The people of the land, IS A WAR GOING TO BREAK OUT?! oh man I really hope that they do this. Play around with the people of the land. Recently in my philosophy class we were discussing about how computers might have consciousness and I find it hilarious how it plays into this anime.

The last half of the episode was really just a house warming. What I liked about this was that they showed how Shiroe is not greedy. His guild is comprised of 4 level 90′. Why would he let 2 noobs join the guild? I know I wouldn’t ahhah. I would’ve just said. Sorry, get stronger then come back. pce.

Episode Link http://horriblesubs.info/
Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 8/10


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