Kill La Kill 10 [Underwater]


Heyy this is the kill la kill I know. It was a lot funnier than the last episode that’s for sure. I really liked the jokes they pulled out this episode, especially the one where this picture is from. Last epiosode, there were no jokes, the plot was boring, and it seemed like they were going to kill the show. But they finally made this a faster paced episode, we got to see a bit more of the 3-star ultima uniforms and we also had some good comedy.

I have to comment on Mako. She has to be the saviour of this show. She is great, everytime I see her on the screen she is doing something so stupid and hilarious. I have to say that she is most definitely the best character on this show and she needs way more screen time. She just reminds me of this over hyperactive girl I know and it is hilarious how she acts. Oh mako, how hilarious you are.

Well, I’m hoping that next week will be the end of the fighting, maybe 2 more episodes, but I think that they will finally progress the rest of the plot. I like how we get to see the rise of power of kiryuuin. I think that’s essential to show for the antagonist and it is very interesting to watch actually. Her eyebrows are HUGE when she was a child. Couldn’t take my eyes off of them.

I also have to comment about the two 3-star people we saw in this episode, they were great characters. I really liked both of their personalities and I like how they reach out to almost everyone by making Ryuuko fight against people from different clubs. You really can relate to some of the clubs that are being shown, computer clubs, music club. (woot music). The music club president was really cute in the flashback. hahahah. MAKE ME A SAND CASTLE!

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Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 7/10


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